Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Ronna's little kitten Simon is just too cute for words (not that that will stop me though).  When we first got there, we wore him out holding him.  He was in Mom's lap, cleaning himself, and fell asleep mid lick.  And stayed asleep....just like that.

And....he was playing around with a box (what is it about cats and boxes and bags?)

Then, of course, he had to help me crochet....

And help Alli watch her movies on the laptop......

This is how he sleeps at night - when I got up in the morning, I almost didn't see him.

Such a curious kitty - he seems to really like playing with Alli, and, surprise, surprise, she seems to like him too.   Not enough to stop watching her movie - but nothing says she can't multi-task.

This is the most that I've seen Alli interact with an animal before.  Usually, she completely ignores them  I guess nobody can ignore Simon!

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