Monday, May 26, 2014

More pictures from last weekend.  This is the first time that the whales were migrating when I was in Ft. Bragg.  Ronna suggested we go see what we could see - she and Joe had seen quite a few the day before.  For a while, we thought the trip would be a bust - no sight of any whales for the first hour, but - I got some nice pictures while we were waiting.

Alli was having fun spinning around.  She had her Elmo Alphabet toy, and was pushing the buttons while she was spinning.  We got more than one 'look' from people trying to figure out what they were hearing.  Once they figured it out, they just smiled at her - it was an odd noise to hear at the beach, I'm sure.

There are a couple of geese floating in the tide pool below.  Who knew they swam in sea water???

The egret looks white here, but he was a blue-grey when he wasn't against the dark rocks.  He was more patient the we were - he hung out in the same tide pool far longer than we hung out looking for whales.

The whales were right off the bluff - one of my better shots of them here....

A close-up of one

After a set of the whales had moved up the coast, one of them decided to leap out of the water a few times.  We saw it breach three times - the third time I managed to catch it with the camera.  (I forgot my 'good camera' for the trip and was using my cell phone camera.  I was more interested in watching the whales than making sure I caught a photo, so I just had my cell phone out and hit the button every time someone said "there's one!" - I got lots of pictures of nothing!)  If I had my 'good' camera (with a smallish telephoto lens) I could have had a better picture, but....I did catch the whale breaching - it just isn't large enough to see.

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