Tuesday, May 20, 2014

It's official - Alex is going to South Korea for Study Abroad!  He got the confirmation text on Sunday.  The bad news - he's the only one of his 'buds' that is going.  There were 13 people from Shasta College applying to go, and only 2 were selected.  He doesn't know who the second person is yet, but he know it isn't Jeff or Michael - the guys he hangs out with.  He's excited, but bummed, if you can be both at once.

We had a great trip to Ft. Bragg - the weather was good, no rain and only light wind.  Ronna, Mom, Alli and I spent a couple of hours on the bluffs watching for whales on Sunday, and....we saw quite a few!  They were a lot closer than I thought they would be - I had a hard time spotting them at first because I was looking in the wrong area.  This time of year it is the mommas with babies coming through, and they hug the shoreline.  Too cool!  I have pictures, but they didn't make it through the editing process yet.

Ronna also has the cutest kitten.  Simon is about 4 1/2 weeks old.  The mom had to be put down (they though she might have gotten into some poison) so the babies were farmed out, and Ronna's been hand raising him.  He weighs just over a pound, and....I have pictures of him too.  He is just a handful of kitten now - just wait until he's older and still thinks he's the little baby that needs to be hand fed!

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