Saturday, May 31, 2014

I hate that feeling when you think you are all finished with something, and then realize ...... not so fast - you forgot something.  I've been working on the crocheted stackable animals for the last couple of months, and finished (I thought) the last part while watching the Giants play today.  I dug out all the pieces for a photo, and.....guess what - I hadn't finished one of the animals.  The giraffe was only partially done.  I had started it and gotten sidetracked, and, thinking I had finished it, I had moved on to another animal.  So what to do.....

Since the Giants had lost the game by the time I found this out, I scrolled through the TV channels and found Mulan, and then the Little Mermaid on TV.  Alli and I watched Disney movies and I crocheted.  I was able to finish up the giraffe this afternoon, so....all the parts are done!  (Except for all of the leaves for the tree - I have a bunch of those to do still, but I knew that, so it doesn't count.)

Here's the 'parts' for the animals and the tree.

Some assembly required I think.

I picked the first zucchini today - we had it with dinner tonight - a chicken stir fry.

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