Friday, April 18, 2014

We had a breakthrough with Allison this week.  On Monday, her first day of Spring Break, she stayed dry all day!  Sandy was in charge of her at daycare (they swap off between Sandy, her husband Steve, and their daughter Marie as to who is 'in charge' of Alli - she admits Steve isn't nearly as concerned about toilet-training as she is) and she kept Alli on a schedule for toileting, and she was dry all day!  They even went to see Rio 2 at the movies and for a picnic at the park that day!  She even stayed dry for me that evening (and i am no where near as good as Sandy about scheduling!)  We haven't had the same success through out the week, but....if it happened once, it can happen again!  She did go through fewer diapers and is taking herself more often to the bathroom, so.....something is working for her!

They have kept Alli busy this week at daycare.  They are going to the park for lunch, to the movies, egg hunting in the back yard, lots of Easter crafts, etc.  Whatever the kids are doing, Sandy makes sure Alli is doing it too, as much as she can.  Unfortunately, neither one of us really thought about Spring weather - she came home yesterday sunburned.  They had been in and out of the house all day hunting Easter eggs, and dancing in the back yard, etc.  Time to bring out the sunscreen every morning after her shower!

Penney's sent me a $10.00 off shoes or jewelry coupon yesterday......these followed me home.

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