Thursday, April 17, 2014

There was a little girl that had a little curl.......

When I combed Alli's hair back the other day, I missed one little tendril.  Of course, it curled into a perfect ringlet......

Here's what her hair looked like on Sunday after napping - it looks like I had combed it with an eggbeater!  You would never guess that it used to be in a nice ponytail, would you?

Book club was last night.  We read "A study in Scarlet" by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle - the first time I've read any of the Sherlock Holmes books.  I enjoyed the book - probably not enough to read the rest of the books though.  I also had no "clue" as to what to make for a bookmark, so.......they got Easter Bunnies.  The front:

The back:

I had started with other patterns, but just didn't like them when they were done.  Too much work, too fussy, too something.  I made one of each, just to see how they would turn out, and....the bunny won.

The next book is The Glass Castle by Jeannette Wall.  I already got the book so maybe I can read it on my flight.  Steve and I fly out Sunday at 9:15 to Nashville!  (That means we need to leave here at 5:15 to get there by 7:15 - bummer on that part!)

The garden is growing nicely.  These photos were taken Tuesday after work.  I have beans -

Lettuce -

Cucumbers -

And zucchini (some of these need to go - that is way too many zucchini plants!)

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