Sunday, April 06, 2014

Another shot of my flower garden.  The tulips are about done, but they have been so pretty!  I need to plant some more bulbs this year - I do love the color in the spring.

Today is garden planting day.  Yesterday, Dawn and I went to Turtle Bay's Nursery and picked up 4 tomato plants, and I picked up seeds a couple of weeks ago. The long range weather forecast doesn't have any frost warnings,'s the day!  Yesterday, AJ mowed the lawn for me and sprayed the weeds.  This place looks pretty good!  I'm not looking forward to doing my own mowing in a couple of months.  AJ was reminding me of that yesterday - ugh!  (And, the US Navy is deploying ships to Japan as a result of the threats of North Korea - again, ugh!)

I did have a nice mother/son bonding day yesterday though.  AJ sat with me through "Field of Dreams" and somewhere in the conversation it came up that he wanted me to play catch with him so he could get used to throwing the softball.  Yes, I still throw like a girl, I still have a fear of the ball, and I still can't catch worth a darn, but....I played catch with him.  Even better - the neighbor drove by as I missed a simple catch, and got out of the car as I made a lousy throw.  Now he too knows that I can't play baseball.  (He has kids the same age as AJ and Alli - he probably was wishing his kids would want to play catch with him again, not that he was noticing how badly I play.  At least that's what I keep telling myself!)

The fundraiser went off quite well on Thursday.  The play was excellent, and we had a great turnout.  The theater seats 92 people, and we had 65 +/- in attendance.  (We sold more tickets - some just couldn't make it to the show.)  All in all, we raised almost $1,000 for ACCA - the food shelf in Anderson.  My original number was $956.00, and then when I was cleaning the car out after unloading groceries yesterday, I found an envelope on the floor of the car with another $30 in it - woohoo!!!  That's a lot of food for ACCA.  It was a relatively painless fundraiser - the biggest problem was all the other people at work that had great ideas how we should have done it, but.....all wanted to be a backseat driver - they didn't give us their suggestions up front, just criticized after the fact from the sidelines, which was annoying,  Normal, but annoying.  I think this could be an ongoing fundraiser - but we'll have to see how things work out with the bank.  They may decide that this isn't something they want to do again.

Speaking of fund raisers - we have a bake sale this Friday at work for Relay for Life.  Our walk is the first weekend of June (I think) so we have started raising funds.  I think I'm going to make just plain old chocolate chip cookies - they are the best!  Last year, I made truffle candies, and I may try that again, too.  We'll see - I have a few days to decide - no need to rush!

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