Sunday, March 30, 2014

Last weekend, I cleaned up the garden beds and smoothed them out - just waiting for the rains to come in.  The rains came in, but so did a few holes in my garden.  I walked out the last night, and 'somebody' has been digging holes in the garden beds.  I won't ask who it was, but there are some pretty big holes out there.  At least I hadn't planted anything yet!  I had better put down chicken wire when I do.

We are set for a nice day down here - at least for a while.  We are foggy this morning, but it is forecasted to clear up for the morning, and then rain back again tonight.  We're still more than 10 inches or rain below normal for the year,'s better than it was!  I'm going to use the excuse that it is too wet out there today to do any yard work, and do some sewing instead (after I rotate laundry, etc. of course!)

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