Thursday, March 06, 2014

Here's my progress so far on the Jungle stackables.  The rounds of loop stitch for the grass are taking a while, but....I'm halfway done with them, and then off to make the animals.  Too cute!  I had to google instructions to make the loop stitch (and google the magazine digital issue - there was a glaring typo in the magazine directions - they corrected it when they loaded the digital issue of the magazine.)  The instructions in the magazine for the loop stitch were worthless - I found a great video that showed how to do it, I went!

Alli had a doctor's visit yesterday, and has her IEP today.  The school nurse called last week to go over Alli's health before the meeting, and said that the teacher had mentioned to her that she thought Alli might be developing diabetes. we went to see Dr. Grandaw yesterday, and then off for blood tests from there.  I don't think it's likely (and it didn't seem like Dr. G did either), but it could be.  He ordered a complete blood panel, including her thyroid and her A1C1 - the average blood sugar in her blood for the past month or so.  Alli was such an angel during her blood draw.  It's been so long since her last one that I don't think she remembered them.  She sat so still through 3 vials of blood being drawn.  She might not be so still next time though.  Now to wait for the results.

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