Thursday, February 13, 2014

Who knew there was a thing as too much sugar?  The bank sponsored my department to go to "Eat Dessert First" (Life's short....) last night.  It's a fundraiser for One Safe Place (formerly known as the Women's Refuge)  There was nothing but wine and sugar there.  Any type of sugar you could imagine - fudge, cupcakes, cake, pies, chocolates, bread pudding, a chocolate fountain (I stayed away from that one - ick!) and more.  I only ended up eating a half dozen choices - too.......much......sugar......!  It was a fun event and packed - I spoke with a participant that I knew (his daughter has a bakery named Sweet Spot) and he said that they had sold out - 500 tickets!  Then there was a raffle, a live auction, and the wine was $5 a glass (not that I wanted more than one glass - I did have to drive home, after all!)  I did have some peanut butter and crackers on the way in, just to try to balance everything out, wasn't enough.  I came home at 7:00 feeling just a bit queasy from sugar, and I still had to bake sugar cookies for Alli!  (She has a Valentine's party today at school AND at daycare!)

Alli had an appointment yesterday with Dr. Cooper.  Her eyes are healthy, and she still has a slight astigmatism and is slightly nearsighted.  We tried glasses on her a couple of years ago, and she wouldn't wear them.  Dr. Cooper told me that most 'normal' teenagers with her eyesight wouldn't wear them either - her eyes aren't that bad.  She did so good at the appointment.  I usually bring skittles to move around so she looks where Dr. Cooper wants (look up, now look to the right.....) but I forgot this time!  She still looked at me when I asked her to, so it was all good.  Dr. Cooper was impressed at how much she has developed emotionally and intellectually.

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