Friday, February 07, 2014

Poor Ralph - he just never seems to catch a break.  Last Friday, he woke up with swollen feet and abdomen.  He saw the doctor on Saturday (not his regular one, but one that he has seen before in the practice) and he ordered tests.  Wednesday, Ralph went in for a sonogram on his abdomen and blood tests.  Yesterday, he saw his regular doctor, and the tests were inconclusive (but did rule out a bunch of nasty things) and he goes in today for a CT scan.  In the mean time, they doubled up his water pills and told him to reduce his fluid intake.  He now has a permanent (at least it feels like it to him!) case of dry mouth, and the swelling hasn't gone down.

We, at least, are finally getting some rain - almost an inch in the last 24 hours.  By our normal standards, not much, but....this isn't an ordinary year.  We'll take all we can get, and it is snowing up in the hills - we'll take that too!  I had to run errands yesterday on my lunch, and I enjoyed getting drizzled on - a nice change!

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