Saturday, February 08, 2014

Now it's time to say "poor Allison".  She got off the bus yesterday at daycare and immediately threw up (poor Steve - Sandy was gone at the time, so he got clean-up duty - she was evidently a mess!).  She seemed fine after that, so they didn't call me, and then a few minutes before I was due, she threw up again.  Great.  She seemed perfectly fine when I got there, and seemed quite happy.  I gave her a shower when we got home, got her tucked into nice, soft, clean clothes, turned on Pokemon for her, and she stayed happy until I was fixing dinner.  Time for another shower.  Once again, she seemed just fine, but she didn't eat anything, and took herself to bed at 8:00.  I got up once in the night with her (changed her clothes and her bedding) and she slept in until 7:00.  (So did I!!!)  So far this morning, she seems fine, but.....I thought that yesterday too.  Today is my quilting club, but I'm giving it a miss.  Bummer!

We are getting a nice soaking with this rain.  The weather station is calling for another inch today, and I think we are supposed to continue to get rain all week - Hallelujah!

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