Wednesday, February 26, 2014

No new update of Ralph, really.  So far, all of his tests have been in the normal range, so no knowing what is causing his issues, and he has been referred to a kidney specialist.  He saw that specialist last Friday.  Now he is doing weekly blood tests, urine tests and weigh-ins.  No news on those tests yet, just monitoring him for now.  When he went in for his tests yesterday, he stopped by his regular doctor - the skin on his shins is deteriorating due to the pressure from the swelling.  He now has his lower legs wrapped in ace bandages and has more pain pills, and instructions to keep his legs higher as much as he can.  Lovely!

I pulled out my knitting looms this weekend - I had yarn left over from this hat I made for AJ - I didn't post the picture before because I take terrible selfies....!

Here's the hat I made with the loom - it went to AJ's friend Jeff - at least it is supposed to - I need to check with AJ and see if he gave it to him.

Saturday night, Meredith and I went to the Fur Ball - a fund raiser for Another Chance Animal Welfare League.  We had a lot of fun - and Meredith won two of the raffles she entered.  She did share with me, so I guess that's fair!

During the Olympics, I worked off and on on a doily - mostly off, I think.  It is a small doily - about 9 inches across, but I did get it done during the Olympics!

I also went shopping for backing for my quilt - here is the backing and the edging - not too bad!

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