Sunday, January 19, 2014

Mom came down for the weekend, since I have Monday and Tuesday off, and we went shopping yesterday!  Okay - the morning run was my normal WalMart, Winco run, but we snuck in a stop at Joann's too.  Alli did great - she had stayed home from school Thursday and Friday, and I wasn't sure how she was going to do - she was still a bit puny.  She was a champ and kept me on my toes the entire time (I know she's feeling good when she spend most of her time aggravating me).  After we finished unloading the groceries, we had a snack - you wouldn't all it lunch, but it turns out that's what it was - of chips and chili con queso, and then Mom and I headed to the outlets.

My main purpose was to pick up some bras, but....while I was there (after picking up 3) ..... there was this awesome sale at Dress Barn....  I picked up a black top (with a draping neckline), a pair of jeans, a watch, three bracelets and a pair of work slacks (fully lined, with a linen look that is wrinkle resistant) for around $100.  The work pants weren't on sale, but....they are long enough that I can wear heels with them - well worth the $50.00!  I'm tempted to see if they have then in my size in black, too.  (Maybe on-line they have other colors as well??)  I was quite happy with my shopping trip!

We left the outlets around 3:00 - too early to go home yet! -  so we headed in to town to the mall - they were having an antique show.  Mom and I wondered around there for a while, and she found a little black baby doll that followed her home.  Now she just needs to make it some clothes - that poor baby is naky!!  I think we were all happy with our shopping trip.

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