Sunday, January 12, 2014

I got one set of my new blinds up!  AJ and I tore into one yesterday to see if I liked them.  I had ordered four sets before Christmas - two for the computer room, one for the dining room, and one for AJ's room.  Two of them were delivered to the house with no installation hardware.  When I called Penney's, they said that the blinds are shipped directly from the manufacturer, and they can't ship just the I needed to return the two sets and order them again.  One problem - the color I wanted wasn't in stock, so....instead of returning two, I actually had to order two more, take the hardware out of them when they came, and return those.  No problem.....except that when the two additional sets came, only one of them had the hardware.  Before I order one more set and hope it has the hardware, I wanted to make sure I liked the blinds, or they were all going back!

I like them!  They were pretty easy to put up - at least in the dining room.  We were able to use part of the old hardware and didn't have to drill holes in the wall.  The rest will have to have holes drilled, as the ones we are replacing are inset in the windows, and these are too wide to do that.

The cats started exploring almost immediately.  Picot got caught sniffing around....

And decided I should be petting her, not playing with the camera.

Indy came out to check them out as well.

We got a little bit of rain yesterday - not much and not nearly enough.  It was nice to see it though.  There is an article in the paper today that the Sacramento river is at historically low levels, and one that states they have a wildfire 80% contained.  It's going to be a long summer!!!

I went to my new quilting club meeting yesterday.  I think I'm in trouble - more like in over my head.  I'm sure I'll figure it out, but for!!!!  These are 7 1/2 inch blocks - very tiny pieces (and lots of points to match up!!!)  These are the four that I am working on this month....

And this are more blocks from the quilt.....There are 41 blocks total to be completed by the end of the year.

I need to learn a new technique for it too - paper piecing.  They gave us a quick demonstration of it yesterday, and it looks do-able, but  I have one more problem.  I bought a CD that has all the different "paper piecing" sizes to print, and the CD box on the computer won't open.  Our computer is a dinosaur, but I've been fighting replacing it, because the only thing we do with it is check e-mail for the 'thejauchs@att' account, and print.  I hate spending money on something I'm not going to use (because I can check the att account on my laptop - I just don't)!  I'm going to try loading the CD on my laptop, and sending the pages that I need as a .pdf file to myself as an e-mail, or save it to a thumb drive.  I think what I need to do is to seriously start looking for a wi-fi printer, so we can all print from our laptops.  Add that to my 'to-do' list.  

I also need a new DVD/VCR player for Allison.  Hers broke last week, and she's now watching Pokemon on my TV - and I didn't realize how much I enjoyed watching something else than Pokemon!  I worked on bookmarks for book club yesterday (pictures later!), and I usually pop in a movie or watch TV while I crochet.  Yesterday, I got Pokemon.

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