Monday, January 20, 2014

Due to scheduling conflicts before Christmas, we didn't get together with the Derbys and Fishers for our annual 'cookie decorating/jewelry making' event.  The jewelry making part used to be ornament making, but the 'kids' outgrew that, so last year, I pulled out all my bead/jewelry stuff and introduced them to jewelry making.  (Emma already worked with jewelry, so she was a big help).  This year, we put it off until yesterday, so we could work around everyone's schedule.  Here's what I put together.....

I worked up a couple of necklaces while I was there for Veronica and Meredith, and spent a lot more time talking that I did creating.  I tried to talk AJ into making something, but he wasn't too interested in making a bracelet, though he did tie my knots on the stretch bracelet for me (always a boy scout!).

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