Thursday, December 19, 2013

What comes to mind when you think 'vacation'?  Extra time to sit around and read, relax, do a couple of projects that you've been meaning to 'get around to'?  Me too.  And then.....reality set in.   Vacation time comes, and you realize that all those 'little' projects that you were going to do have piled up into a major time commitment, and - you're out of time!  Once again, I think I over-estimated the things that I can do while on vacation.  I think I can still get most everything done - we'll see.  So far, I've...

  1. Gone to Susanville over the weekend for my brother's installation as Master of the Masonic Lodge.
  2. Baked 8+ dozen sugar cookies for Alli's classroom to decorate today.
  3. Crocheted edging onto 28 pairs of gloves (Alli's classroom needed 30 pairs, and I made some extra.  I had started this project earlier, and had some made up, but...not as many as I thought I did.)
  4. Stiffened 2 dozen snowflakes that I already had made up.
  5. Crocheted (and stiffened) 7 specific snowflakes for the ladies in my department - they got to choose what snowflake they got this year.  
  6. Made two more infinity cowls.
  7. Go the majority of my Christmas shopping done.
  8. Went to book club last night - and took each of them bookmarks, snowflakes, and a cowl for Christmas.
  9. Had my nails done.
  10. Had a nice long visit with Dawn - she came down and spent a couple of days at the house.
Whew!  And - I still need to do a couple more things, but the majority of the time crunch things are done - specifically the gloves and cookies for Alli's classroom.  Today is baking day, and maybe a house cleaning day - I fell a bit behind in that too.  I also have pictures I want to post of some of the things mentioned above, as well.  We'll see how far I get on that list of 'things to do' today.  

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