Friday, December 27, 2013

The Christmas Season is behind us - and it was a wonderful time.  Christmas itself was full of family - Mom surprised us with a quick visit.  She, Dave and Lisa came down for the day.  Added to that, it was a Mel Brooks Marathon on TV, so it was a very fun-filled day!  (Dave and I traded off saying the best 'one liners' from each show.  I don't know which is my favorite, Young Frankenstein or The History of the World, or maybe Robin Hood, Men in Tights??)

I'm looking forward to the New Year.  Not necessarily New Year's Eve or New Year's Day, but to the milestones that they represent - a chance to review what has gone on in the past, and looking forward to the future.  Reaffirming what we want out of life (that would be all those Resolutions we make - and break - in January!)  I don't know what resolutions I will make for this year.  I think I make the same one each year - to stop procrastinating and GET THINGS DONE.  Maybe this year, I can accomplish that??  Probably not!

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