Monday, December 02, 2013

Thanksgiving, Office

We had a very nice Thanksgiving at Jeff's this year.  He had the traditional burnt offering:

As well as one for us:

The first was cooked in oil - and we all decided, after much deliberation, that it was probably because it was too big - it was a 14 pound turkey, and the fryer wasn't supposed to take on more than a 10 pound turkey.  Of course, our first decision was that it was all Jeff's fault, but, in all fairness, we gave him the benefit of doubt.

He (or should I say Kirby) put on a beautiful and delicious dinner.  Kirby wasn't even there - she is working at a horse therapy ranch, and they had a bunch of kids in on Saturday, so she wasn't at our dinner.   But....she left everything ready for Jeff - he just had to follow the instructions.  She was very thorough - every dish had a sticky note on it telling him when to put it in, how long to cook it and at what temp.  She did miss one tiny little thing though.  One of the dishes was to cook "covered for 45 minutes", and there was a plastic cover on the dish.  She meant to take the plastic off and cover it in foil, but forgot to spell that part out.  The original cover, after about 1 minute in the oven:

It was all so good - I came away absolutely stuffed.  And then had a 2 hour drive.  Luckily, I had AJ to keep me awake!

Here are some pictures of my new office!  We are supposed to be moving in to the new area this week.  I don't think my office will be ready, but I will be at one of the workstations until they get the office ready.  The workmen are ready to tear out the area where we are now, so are anxious for me to move!

I even got the house decorated for Christmas yesterday.  I had AJ help me get everything down from the attic, and realized....I have no where to put the tree this year.  Ralph set up his desk where I usually have the tree.  So.....this year - it's just my snowmen out!

Before Mom and Dave left yesterday, we ran in to town to Lowe's and Joanne's.  After they left, Alli and I walked back to my car, and when I was buckling Alli in, I noticed I had a new friend.  It was either very brave, very tame, or very sick - it didn't move until I shooed it away.

And - a sunset shot from my walk last weekend.

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