Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas everyone!  I think, once again, Christmas snuck up on me. Even with taking a week off from work beforehand, I still feel like I'm behind.  I'm glad the kids are grown up enough that I'm not worried about presents for them.  AJ got his 'big' present last week - the CPU for his new computer.  He and a couple of friends put it together last Friday, and he really lives in his room now.  If I didn't know that he was talking with friends through Skype all the time, I might worry about him being anti-social.  Instead, I think he may be too social - I never see him!

This year, I did restrain myself, and I didn't buy a lot of stuff for Alli that she didn't need, or probably wouldn't play with, etc.  She got some clothes that she needed, and that was about it.  She doesn't play with many toys - but the one she got from school this year was a hit.  It is a soft baby doll that plays music and the face glows softly when the music plays.  She loves it!  The aides in her class said she didn't seem very interested in it when she opened it, but they just left it with her.  Pretty soon, she was touching it, then holding it, and then wouldn't put it down.  Love at second (or third) sight!

AJ took a couple of pictures of Ralph and me before we went to my company Christmas party last Saturday.  Not too bad for a couple of old people!  Saturday was also our 26th wedding anniversary, so the night did double duty.

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