Saturday, December 07, 2013

Let it snow! / Gingerbread hat

Let it snow!  We got a couple of inches at the house last night!  It was already sticking in town when I left work yesterday, but since we live in the 'banana belt' of Redding, it wasn't even snowing at my house when I got home.  Here's what I woke up to this morning:

Pretty!!!  I'm not heading into town this morning though.  I'm not afraid to drive in the snow - I'm afraid to drive with all the crazy people!!  Maybe this afternoon I'll venture forth - after everything melts.

I finished my gingerbread girl hat and leggings for Charlie (great-granddaughter of a co-worker).  Aren't they cute!!!  I can hardly wait to see a picture of her in the hat!  (the leggings aren't my fave, but everyone else seemed to think they were 'just too cute'.)

I had asked Elora's mom if she would like a set of these, or if she wanted a reindeer hat.  She originally opted for the reindeer hat, but then....when when she saw these done, she said she would take either.  (She really would take whatever I made and love it, I just asked her if she had a preference)  I have the hat part of the reindeer done - now to do the part that makes it cute!

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