Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Ralph's off to the doctor this morning so we'll see how the doctor thinks he's doing.  He hasn't had me check his incision for a couple of days, so I assume it is healing well.  He was up and walking more yesterday (or so he says - he does all that while I'm at work...)

Alli went with me to scouts again last night.  We have a couple of fund raisers going on right now, so I need to go, and am busy while I'm there.  That leaves Alli on her own (sort of) for the evening.  Everyone is really good about watching her for me - though I think they do it more out of self preservation.  She was walking last night in circles around the tables.  Around, and around, and around the tables.  (We meet in the cafeteria of Rother school.)  Each time she circled by, she checked in with me visually.  If I wasn't paying her much attention, she would either walk closer to me, bumping in to me, or closer to someone else, and either hovering by them, or bumping in to them.  There are a couple of gentlemen there that she loves to 'aggravate' this way.  One was there last night, and even better than usual, he had left a cup of ice tea on the table.  It became a game for Alli - could she get the tea before someone stopped her????   Each circle, you could see her calculating the odds.  I don't think she really wanted the tea - it was just a chance to aggravate me!  (She did get a taste of it once, and I think she was disappointed it wasn't soda, so she wasn't trying that hard to drink it.)

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