Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!!!  Today, I should be making a list of all the things I am thankful for, cold, courtesy of Allison, is slowing me down, big time!!  I'll work on that later.  Maybe I just need more coffee to wake me up?  I stayed up later than normal last night, with the assumption that since I didn't have to go to work, I could sleep in a bit.  Why do I tell myself that?  Since Alli's been sick, she has been sleeping in a bit, so I thought is was a safe assumption.  I forgot to factor in the other kid.

AJ woke me up at 4:00 this morning.  "Mom, I think I have fleas."  Really?  This is earth shattering news at 4:00 a.m.?  Great.  My first thought - Mom had just asked me if we had fleas here, since she was bringing her dogs with them for the weekend.  I had told her "nope - no fleas around here."  I sent AJ in to wash his sheets and all the clothing, etc. on his floor, and then vacuum the floor.  After I woke up just a bit more (and Allison woke up and I had to put her back to bed) I went in and looked at him.  He is covered in welts.  He is not covered in flea bites.  I sent him in to get an antihistamine, and a shower.  I have no idea what he got into, but it wasn't fleas.  I'm afraid to say 'thank goodness' until I know what he did get into.  For all I know, it could be worse than the hypothetical fleas!

Allison went to daycare on Monday, and I got a text from Sandy about 2:30 - "Allison has serious diarrhea - can I give her a shower" (implied - before you come pick her up).  Lovely.  I ran and got her (nice and clean from the shower, and in clean, mismatched clothes belonging to Marie) and took her home.  She stayed home from daycare on Tuesday, just in case,, but....she had no further problems.  (Now, Dad had problems, trying to watch her AND get work done - but that's a different story).  She went back to daycare on Wednesday, and was a happy camper all day.  Me - my butt is dragging!  Work has been short handed (between vacations and sickies - me included) and yesterday was the worst of all.  Good thing I have today off to recoup.  We are spending Thanksgiving dinner with Ralph's family.  I'm in charge of 'green beans -as long as they aren't green bean casserole'.  I can handle that!

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