Monday, November 11, 2013

Garden update - blossoms

With all of the fuss of Ralph's surgery, I've been ignoring my garden.  Good thing it's pretty self-sufficient!  Ralph set up the water for me, and I planted kale, chard, Brussels sprouts and peas - and forgot them.  Once in a while I go out and grab a handful of greens for dinner, but that's it.  By the looks of it, we should be eating more!  the chard is so pretty - bright green, with colored stems!  I prefer the taste of the kale - though it looks a bit more drab compared to the chard.  

The Brussels spouts are growing - I don't know when to expect anything from them - do they produce in the spring after wintering over?  I keep checking - just in case!

My peas are growing nicely, and...they are blooming!  I have no idea how long it takes to go from a bloom to edible!

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