Sunday, October 20, 2013

The last of the pictures from the coast (I promise!)  We went out to Gasquet and drove around.  I was able to get a photo of the trees reflected in the Smith River!!  (I was so excited - I didn't plan it, it was just a good spot to stop and take a picture!)

We stopped and walked for a while in the redwood grove close to the highway too.  We stayed on the road (easier footing for Alli) and drove back  1/4 mile from the road - minimal vehicle traffic and almost no one else there.  We did find a couple of young ladies that had evidently camped out there overnight.  They were cleaning up their campsite, and their 6 month old puppy was dragging his leash around.  He was sniffing around, and then saw us........oh happy days!   Company!!!!  He was probably a lab cross I think they said lab/husky cross), so won't be grown up for a couple of years, and he was just so excited and wanted to play!!  He was running all around us and jumping up on us, and grabbing Alli's jacket sleeve (it was hanging down).  Of course, he also didn't want to listen to his owners either.  We managed to get him to calm down enough to get close to us, and then grabbed his leash for them.  

After the walk, we went to the beach!  We spent a couple of hours walking on the beach - Mom was collecting shells, but didn't find many, and we were there close to low tide.  We were hoping to find small sand dollars again.  One year we found tons of them on the beach.  This year, Mom found a couple of partial sand dollar shells, and one tiny whole one.  When she went to pick the tiny shell up though, it just crumbled....evidently it had been crushed by something, but we didn't see any prints in the sand around it.  Bummer!  Still, Alli had a good time.  I didn't let her get in the water as much as she wanted to - just playing in the waves as they went out.  She loves to play in the waves - I just wasn't up to getting her out (and while it was warm for Crescent City, was still too cold to play in the water!!)

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