Friday, October 25, 2013

Ralph (finally) met again with the lung specialist on Tuesday.  His appointment had been pushed back two weeks from the original date, so it's been 6 weeks since the last appointment and 6 weeks since they last drained the fluid from his lungs.  The fluid had built back up again (Poor guy can hardly breath!) in the mean time, he is scheduled to meet with a Thoracic Surgeon, Dr. Brusett, on Monday.   The lung specialist, Dr. Singh, wants laparoscopic exploratory surgery done to see if they can find out the problem.  I thought Dr Singh was also supposed to be scheduling another drainage of Ralph's lung, but we haven't heard from the hospital on that yet, so maybe not??  (Maybe Dr. Brusett didn't want that done yet??  Who knows!)  Maybe we'll know more on Monday, but....I figure not.  We probably will meet on Monday, and then they will schedule surgery (hopefully that same week) and then we will wait a few days, and answer???

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