Sunday, October 20, 2013

A couple of finished projects!!!  This project was an experiment.  I crocheted a scarf, using a simple V-stitch with a nice soft yarn.  Then, I got some of the ruffle yarn - with just a touch of sparkle in it, and attached it to the scarf with a slip stitch.  My first try, I used a single crochet, and ended up about 4 inches short on yarn, so I ripped it out and started over.  I like the ruffles better with the slip stitch too - it was very ruffly with the other stitch.

I also found a book on e-bay for Mom of crocheted Christmas Ball covers.  I tried one of them out.....I think I am going to try it in smaller thread - this is done in size 10, and it looks bulky to me.  (Especially compared to Mom's that are done in size 30!)  I can't even get smaller thread in the stores here - Mom needed more 30, and I had to order it for her.  I guess I need to order some for me now!

This is a cowl made with a very soft, bulky yarn.  It worked up very quickly, and the pattern has a nice texture to it to make it interesting.  The color changes are very nice this way too.  Hmmmmm....I think I know what Christmas presents may be this year!!

The pillows on my couch were old and yucky...but I never remembered to pick up new ones.  When I was with Mom, we walked through that area of Wal-Mart (I hardly ever get to that area of the store) and saw a nice, large pillow that just might work.  I picked one up, and the colors worked just great, so I picked up another one this weekend.  My hope was that Alli would use them, since she usually naps on the couch and the arm of the couch is so high, she makes me uncomfortable to watch her sleep with a big crook in her neck (and she put the old pillows over her head, not under them - silly girl!)  I came in yesterday, and I think they are a hit.

Then, I went in the computer room where I had tossed the old pillows, and this is what I found.....

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