Sunday, September 15, 2013

Penny bookmark, braided spaghetti bread

We are back to square one for Ralph's lungs.  He saw a specialist on Thursday - the fluid is definitely back, and Dr. Singh doesn't see any reason for it (which means that he can't find anything seriously wrong - no tumors, no abnormalities, no cancer, no heart issues, etc.) , so.....he is having the fluid removed again Monday morning (at 6:30 a.m.!) and then goes back for x-rays in a month.  If the fluid comes back again, they will do a procedure - drain it again and put powder (talc powder?) between the linings in the lung so they don't separate.  That doesn't sound pleasant either - hopefully it doesn't come to that.  

Last week was our book club meeting.  What a fun evening!  We had it at Jenn's house - and she prepared something for dinner that I probably wouldn't have even tried (because it sounds so weird!) but was wonderful!!  She took bread dough (thawed frozen dough) rolled it out, and put spaghetti in it, and baked it.  Sounds weird, but it tasted great!   Here is a recipe for Braided Spaghetti Bread - I don't know that it is the one that Jenn used, but it sounds similar.  Definitely a keeper!

We read A Tree Grows in Brooklyn this time, and I made "Lucky Penny" Bookmarks.  The pattern is here.  I added the tail to the pattern, but that was the only modification that I made this time.  

It was also quilt club meeting this weekend.  I finished what I had - but I ran out of material and couldn't do the entire top.  The leaders had said that Thimbleberries had been very chintzy with the material this time, and I think I was too zealous cutting the selvage off.  I was an inch short for my 2 1/2 inch squares.  We got more of the same material Saturday, since it is part of a border, so I hope I can eke out an extra square or two out of it.  Luckily, they do have the material in stock at the store, I just hate to buy more for four 2 1/2" squares, but I will if I need to!  My plan today is to cut out what I have so I know what I need, and pick up any extra material (if needed) tomorrow.  I did feel better when some of the more experienced quilters said that they ran out of material too.

Next week is my 'drop dead' week for the new computer program.  We will have three people from the company on site for our last training session, and then 'we' will train all of our staff the following week, and go live on 9/30.  I'm planning on spending as much time with the trainers as they will spend with me while they are here.  I've spent quite a bit of time on the phone already with them, and one of them has been making videos for me - examples of how to do things.  (I'm not sure what that says of his level of trust in me - do I sound that lost already??)  He actually had already started making the videos for Support, but it sounded a little odd when he told me that....

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