Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I took yesterday off from work (but I had to put in a few hours over the weekend to do that, but it was a nice trade off!) and spent most of yesterday at the sewing machine.  Next weekend, I get more material for my quilt in process, and I hadn't done anything but cut out what material I had - oops!  I had the pink blocks done, but I made the rest yesterday.  I have one more row to add, but....evidently I had issues cutting, because I didn't have enough green material - I'm short one block.  I will get more of the green on Saturday, as there is some in a boarder, so I will be piecing another block together before I move on.  This one is much bigger than the other quilts I've done, and....the corners match!!!  This actually looks like a quilt should!  (Just don't look too close - I'm still learning!)

I also made up a quick little doily last week - pretty!  I need to get my bookmarks pinned out and get pictures of them posted too.  Book Club is on Wednesday!

Sunday, I met up with Dawn at the Palo Cedro Honey Bee Festival.  We mostly just talked for about two hours, but we did some of that talking while wondering around the craft fair.  I found a pretty glass pendant.  It was a nice visit (and a fun shopping trip!)  We were there about 10:30, before it got too hot.  I think it was 103 that day?

Unfortunately, it might be cooler today - we will probably be surrounded by smoke.  There is a nasty fire in Happy Valley.  It started yesterday around 1:30, and is at 6,745 acres, with 20 structures destroyed.  It is threatening another 350 homes, and several schools are closed.  The airport was busy last night long after dark, with bombers and helicopters coming and going.  We had hot temperatures and hot winds helping it yesterday, and more predicted for today.

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