Monday, September 30, 2013

Fun evening last night - the Fishers were over for BBQ'ed hamburgers.  We even sat out side to eat - I thought for sure the weather was going to blow in some rain and we wouldn't be able too (yes, that means I did NOT clean up the patio for company.  I did clean up the house, if that counts!  Good thing we don't count the Fishers as 'company' any more!)

Emma walked in the local Pride festival/parade on Saturday.  She asked her Mom to go with her, since she didn't want to go alone.  What's a Mom to do??  Of course, she went with her.  She even walked in the parade with her.  And, Meredith, being Meredith (having never met a stranger), started chatting with a young lady there by herself, asking her where Emma would be able to meet up with nice gay people, and the next thing you know, Meredith introduced Emma to her, and left the two of them chatting, exchanging text numbers, etc.  She didn't find her a date, but she did introduce her to a possible new friend.  What a Mom!  Meredith also found a support group at the college for Emma, so she can meet more people (and not have to take her mom with her).  Not a bad morning's work for Meredith!  (Yes, I would support AJ in whatever he wanted, but....I don't know that I would be walking up to complete strangers asking them where to meet other 'nice' gays.  Actually, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't!!!)

AJ's new hat was a hit with the crowd too.  Chris want's me to make him a Rastafarian hat - probably not!!!   (though I may look for a pattern....)

I finished the book for the book club last night after everyone left (and yes, stayed up too late, but....I had to finish!)  The book is Gone Girl, by Gillian Flynn, and was not my favorite of the group, but not a bad book.  I have absolutely no clue for a bookmark (how do you crochet psychotic??) so I think I will do a Halloween bookmark.  I'll start looking for an idea this evening.  I don't think anyone in the book club has received a Halloween bookmark from me (maybe Malorie??) so I might repeat one I've done in the past.

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