Monday, August 12, 2013

Coaster, snowflake, necklaces

I'm hoping with school starting here next week, I will settle back down and start blogging regularly again.  It seems I would rather sleep those extra few minutes than get up!  Starting next Monday, that won't be an option.  I haven't heard yet, but I'm sure Alli's bus will be here around 6:00 a.m. to pick her up.  

I did finish up a couple of thread projects - a quick little coaster and a snowflake.  I also have almost all of a baby cocoon done - it went together pretty fast!  I have an order for an 'ensemble' for a little girl due in November (what ever I want to make) and then a friend is having her first grandchild in February, so I'll need an ensemble for it too (we don't know girl or boy yet, so I have a while before I start anything.)

I also made up some necklaces last week - using the ladder type yarn and a pretty little heart pendant.  One is mine, and the other three are gifts.

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