Saturday, August 17, 2013

Alli' advancement

You know how you plug along, doing the same thing, seeing the same results, over and over ?  (I know - that the definition of insanity, but I am speaking trying to get Alli to do things)  For years it seems, we have been working on the same skill sets, and haven't seen a lot of improvements.  Yesterday, it seems we might have had a breakthrough!  Alli and I went to Mom's - usually a 2 hour drive, but we went the  - through Lassen Park (pictures after I get back home, I promise.)  That, and road work, turned it into a 4 hour drive.  She stayed dry the entire time!  I will admit, I stopped several times (for me - too much coffee!) but she didn't go every time I stopped, but she still stayed dry.  Then, after we got to Mom's, we were going to go back into town to the store.  I took Alli to the bathroom (still dry!) and told her we were going to 'go get her shoes on, and then go to the store.'  when I got in the living room, I couldn't find her shoes where I thought I had put them - no big surprise there - where did I put them???  Then, I noticed that Alli had picked them up and had them on her lap.  That is the first time she has gotten her shoes herself when I told her we were going to go put her shoes on!  Then, while I was pointing this out to Mom, Alli out the shoes on the floor and out her foot on one of them.  She didn't get her foot in the shoe exactly, but....she had the idea!!!  All from one verbal prompt!!!  And then this morning, she didn't wake up dry, but she wasn't soaked through.  She went potty when she got up, and then a little bit later, took herself in and went potty again - and was still dry!!!  Woohoo!!!

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