Sunday, July 21, 2013

You know it's going to be hot when the air conditioner is running at 8:00 a.m.  The highest I saw it yesterday was 109 - and that was when I was coming back from shopping.  Now I remember why I try to go shopping in the early hours!  (That, and it is a lot less crowded!)  I meant to go early yesterday, but instead, I cleaned house before the scouts came by for a pack check.  (I didn't clean for the scouts - they don't care, but their parents might!!)

I think there were 9 scouts here yesterday for pack check - they are all off to scout camp today.  I only had one taker for the pool - one of the reasons we had the pack check at my house was so they could swim if they wanted to.  The one scout made up for the rest of them though.  I work with his mom, and she had multiple things to do at the same time yesterday, so I told her to drop him off and I would take him back home.  He swam for at least an hour.  Allison was so cute - she was watching TV while the scouts were coming and going, but when she heard someone in the pool, she lit up with a great big smile and could hardly wait for me to get her swimmies on.  She swam with Andrew most of the time - she actually gave up before he did!

I just gathered the garden - I'll be glad when it stays hot but not scorching.  Too much heat, and everything takes the time off.  My squash and zucchini didn't set any veggies during the last hot spell, and the beans didn't play either.  Now, I have half grown veggies that will probably not mature because it is so blazing hot.  Even the tomatoes took a beating with the heat.

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