Friday, July 05, 2013

Post 4th

You know it's bad when you set a new high AND a new 'low' in the same week.  We hit the 'official' 116 this week, and then we hit our highest 'low' of 79 as well.  I think we could all handle the heat better if is actually cooled down at night, but 79 is not cool!!  I went out yesterday and gathered the garden - at it was already close to 90 by the time it was light enough to see all the cherry tomatoes that were hiding!

We had a fabulous time at Larry and pat's yesterday.  Talon is 2 1/2 now (their great-grandson) and so much fun to watch.  He and Alli got along well - she shared her toys and everything.  She even managed to dance around him while she was spinning and didn't step on him.  I was reminded of the videos I've seen of elephants walking and the birds fluttering around their feet.  Alli was spinning with her slow methodical steps and Talon was zipping around, in and out and around her.  She was very good to stop when he zipped to close or zagged when he should have zigged.

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