Wednesday, July 03, 2013


I told him he was sick!   Ralph has been feeling 'under the weather' for a while.  He went to the doctor about a month ago and got a round of antibiotics because he was coughing and wheezing.  After driving up to Susanville on Saturday and standing in the hot sun for a couple of hours BBQ'ing hamburgers, he was wiped out.  Sunday he went to the walk-in clinic, and was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure.  Okay, I told him he was sick, but I didn't think he was THAT sick!  He is on meds now and goes to his 'real' doctor on Friday.  The doctor wanted to wait until then to give the meds time to work before he sees him.  Not to mention it is 115 here!  Ralph is spending his days propped up in a chair with his feet elevated.  I am ever so glad we have a new HVAC unit, and the solar panels in.  We can run the AC in the house and may not have to take a third mortgage out for the electric bill this year.

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