Thursday, June 13, 2013

It's the first day of summer school (actually called Extended School Year - they don't 'do' summer school any more because of budget cuts) for Alli today - a new routine - again.  Her bus is coming at 6:40 this morning, compared to 6:05 - 6:10 before.  She is on the bus the same amount of time, since school starts later, but it is a whole new timing issue for me.  What time do I need to get up, when do I get Alli up, when do I need to make sure breakfast is started, etc.  Sometimes I feel more tied to a routine than Alli is!

Since Alli's daycare is in Redding and her school is in Anderson, she is the last person off the bus in the afternoon.  That means that she will have 2 hour bus ride after summer school - not a good thing.  This year, her daycare has offered to go pick her up after school.  That way she is saved the long bus ride, and she will get to do the activities they have planned for the kids.  Yesterday, she went to the movies with the other kids.  Since they saw "Planet of the Apes", I don't think she was too impressed, but she was well behaved, at least.  I will have to get her the first two days of school - the couple that watch her are off to a ballgame in the Bay area.  That will give me the chance to talk with the teacher a little bit, too - nice!

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