Friday, May 17, 2013

A quiet morning at the end of a busy week - nice!  Alli's off to school, I'm showered and dressed for work, no one else is up yet.....savor the moment!  Pretty soon, it will business as usual - busy, busy, busy.

Ralph is off today to Sacramento for most of a week - I think he's home either Wednesday night or Thursday.  He's been working from home 10-12 hour days the last few weeks getting ready for conversion, and....they switch systems tomorrow. He'll be working from Sac doing damage control and getting training for the next few days.

Alli and I are off to Susanville for the weekend - after I get a few chores done on Saturday.  mom wants to go shopping for new vinyl for her house Saturday afternoon, and I think Alli and I have a 'date' with a girlfriend for dinner.  Maybe we can talk Mom into going with us - we'll see!

When Mom was down last weekend, I picked up a pattern and material to make a purse/bag for my coworker that is having a baby.  The shower is at the end of the month, and I wanted to have something to put all the 'stuff' I've made for her.  I got it started this week, and it went pretty smoothly until last night.  I really need to read the directions all the way through - that and picking up the right kind of interfacing would help.  I got interfacing that goes between two pieces of material (Wonderunder), not one that is ironed onto one piece (standard interfacing - I wasn't paying that much attention, was I?).  The way I read the directions, that was fine......until I moved to the next page of the directions.  The second page (that I didn't read because I thought I was done after the first page!) called for me to use the other two pieces of fabric - the ones that I had already ironed on to the first pieces of fabric with the interfacing,  Bummer.  Oh well - I guess that means I 'have' to go shopping at lunch today, doesn't it :).  I might even pick up some more fabric - the bag is a 'basic' bag, and then it has a 'cover' that buttons on over it.  I have the bag done, it was the cover that I messed up.  I can easily make another cover for the bag, so K can switch out the looks of the bag - one with baby fabric, and maybe one a little more grown up??  We'll see!

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