Sunday, April 14, 2013

The garden is in!  Ralph went out yesterday to finish the drip system, and called me out to take a look before he started.  It looks like 'someone' has been having a good time in the beds since we set them up!  The only one not a suspect is Tank - I don't think he could jump up there if he tried.

I haven't been out yet this morning to see if they bothered them last night.  I'm thinking they will leave them alone while we are here - Monday will be the true test.  To protect the plants, I put up the tomato cages already, and then used some to cover the other plants as well.  Hopefully, they will be enough of a discouragement to keep the dogs off.  Since Ralph got the drip system in yesterday, I really don't want to have to re-do it.  The first spring we had Koori, she 'attacked' the drip in the garden - we assume the sound of it coming on scared her and she 'killed' it.  After that, we watered over-head so she didn't tear it up.  Since she is now a few years older (and wiser?) I'm hoping she will leave this alone.

I ran over to Wyntour Gardens yesterday to pick up the plants, and it looked like all the cars on the road were going there.   Seriously!  I waited for two cars to go by on Airport Rd. before I pulled on, and they were both turned into Wyntour.  The car that was behind me pulled in, and there were two cars going north on Airport - they pulled in as well.  Inside, it was just as busy as the parking lot.  The staff were going crazy trying to keep track of what was still in stock.  "Let's see - you wanted XXX?  They were right here.....Oh wait, there's a whole new selection coming in right now - if she can get through the crowd with the cart, we'll be restocked in just a minute..."  

I'm trying very hard not to get carried away with planting the garden.  Since this is the first time I've planted the beds, I'm trying to be cautious.  I picked up 4 tomato plants (Early Girl, Sweet 100, Lemon Boy and yellow pear) 12 pepper plants - 6 bell and 6 jalapeno (I could only get 6-packs!), one Japanese eggplant, 1 lemon cucumber, and 1 Armenian cucumber.  I planted one hill of straight neck yellow squash, one of round zucchini (they were out of seeds for regular zucchini!) and two packages of green beans.  I may end up wishing I had planted more, but I figured this was a good start for the garden.  These are all veggies we will eat, and if they are too prolific, I can probably give the extras away (not too sure about extra zucchini - I think everyone is looking for a place to get rid of extra zucchini!  Judging by the fact that Wyntour Gardens didn't have any seeds for the regular ones left, everyone is planting them!)  I'm thinking about going back and getting more cucumber plants......

There were some interesting items I would have liked to try out, but....I didn't want to over-crowd the garden.  Jelly bean tomatoes?  Hillbilly tomatoes?  Fun!!!  Wyntour also carried some heritage tomatoes that I was tempted by.  Maybe next year, once I see how much I can cram into the garden!

Yesterday was my quilt club, and I took in my finished quilt - one of three that were completely done from the group.  All I need to do now is put a label on the back.  I had high hopes of making a heart shaped label, but....I think I'll be better off with a rectangle or square - I'm not too sure of my abilities to applique a heart on the back.  If I'd been planning ahead, I would have put it on just like I did the applique on the front, but.....I wasn't!  I'm also thinking I'm going to pull out my Sharpie and write out what I want on the label rather than embroider it.  Is that cheating????

I got the fabric for the next quilt, and.....I'm scared!  The instructor had problems with it, and couldn't get the points to match up.  I'm pretty sure if she couldn't do it, I am going to have some serious issues.  Oh well - this one probably won't be a present for anyone.  Another learning experience, perhaps??

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