Sunday, April 07, 2013

The buds last night:

I think I need a bigger couch!

The bake sale at work went great - the last I heard we had raised over $500 at our branch.  If there was a person that made it out of the branch without buying something, they were either very quick or T was selling to someone else!  T stayed in the lobby all day 'pushing' the sale.  Her group did such a  great job of putting everything together.  They  repackaged things, priced everything and monitored the sale.  Around noon they started knocking a dollar off the prices.  Somewhere around 3:00, they had 'happy hour' and everything was 1/3 off.  T was hitting up all the guys that come in to cash payroll checks on Fridays - a couple of eyelash flutters and the mention of sugar - they were hooked!  There was absolutely nothing left at 5:00.  (I was just a bit bummed - the last I had looked, I still had a couple of bags of truffles left, and I had decided to give a bag to Alli's daycare provider, and then one to AJ.  Now I'll have to make a whole new batch!)

Alli and I went chair shopping yesterday too.  Her rocking chair had springs sticking out the back of the chair!  I really wish she could tell me when things started breaking (or that I was more observant!)  Poor thing - that can't have been a comfortable rocking chair.  She has a new one now - not quite the color I was looking for, but Salvation Army had it for $80.00 - it is leather, and seems to rock nicely.  She isn't quite sold on it yet.  Maybe she liked the way the old one felt with no springs??

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