Monday, April 08, 2013

My first day of vacation - definitely successful in one area, and not in another.  I got one 'box' garden filled with dirt all by myself  and a second filled when AJ came home from school.  It went a lot faster with the two of us.  I had to unload the wheelbarrow with a shovel as well as load it - it took a while!  When AJ got home, we could lift the wheelbarrow and dump it, so we only had to fill it with shovels.  My quilting project was a different story - the tension was messed up on the machine, so I spent 45 minutes sewing and about that ripping out.  Bummer.  I gave up on the quilt and went outside to work.

Here is my first box - it took me a couple of hours to fill it.

And here is the mound of dirt - minus one box worth.

Jasper spent most of the morning trying to get me to throw the toy for her.

The rest of the time, she spent paling with Koori and the toy.

Tank stood back and watched.

Here's the second box done:

And Koori looking for a little attention - or maybe her picture taken??

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