Monday, April 08, 2013

I have my quilt ready to 'quilt' now.  As you can see, I had help getting it laid out yesterday.  I laid out the backing and taped it to the floor.  Picot came along and promptly tried to 'free' the backing.  I caught her trying to pull the material off the floor.  Some help!

I also took some time yesterday (while I watched the Giants loose big time) and made a small little doily.  Since my last attempt at a three-sided doily turned out so badly, I was quite happy to see this one turn out pretty.

Mom didn't come over yesterday - and it was probably a good thing.  The storm dropped a few inches of snow between here and there yesterday.  Not a lot, but more than she would want to have driven through.  Since I didn't work outside yesterday, that means that I am today.  It also means that I will be working by myself - AJ and friends have school.  Bummer.  Oh well, I can still procrastinate - I really do need to get the quilt done!

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