Sunday, March 03, 2013

I played lazy yesterday and didn't get too much done of importance.  I did get some pansies planted in the containers out by the pool, and a few planted on the walk by the front door, if that counts!!  I also played with bookmarks for the book club this month.  We read "Wild - From Lost to Found" by Cheryl Stayed, which is about hiking the Pacific Crest Trail for about 1,000 miles (and finding herself in the process).  Not an adventure I would want to do, but it was a very good book.  The bookmark I came up with:

(Just in case you couldn't tell - they are supposed to be mountains!)

I also whipped up a small, coaster sized doily, playing with color just a bit.  I was hoping for a spring-like look.

For some unknown (to me at least) reason, AJ decided to clean and rearrange this room this week.  It took him two full days to clean it up (and a box of tissues - the dust and fur made him sneeze!)  It looks much better!!!  He brought me lots of 'treasures' that he didn't necessarily want in his room, but also didn't want to throw away.  (I have no idea how much he did throw away - hopefully it wasn't anything really sentimental to me!)  Mom will be happy to know that he corralled all his electrical cords and tucked them away so they don't get tripped on.  (I know I was happy - it was dangerous in there!)  I think this is the first time he has, of his own volition, cleaned and rearranged his room.  Maybe my baby is growing up!

I'm still feeling pretty lazy today - on the agenda is some quilting and some crocheting, along with the normal laundry, cooking and cleaning.  If the weather holds, maybe a bike ride?  The weather looks iffy, but I don't think we are supposed to get any rain yet.

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