Sunday, March 10, 2013

I lost my 'morning time' last week, so no posts.  Pretty much as soon as Alli was on the bus, I was in the shower and getting ready for work - no lingering at the table enjoying my second (or third) cup of coffee, nothing, just quick, gotta' go!  The first of the month at work isn't usually as busy as it was this week, but I had one employee out on vacation.  Next week should be back to normal - what ever that is.  

I'm making headway on my baby blanket - I'm on row 41 (out of 149) - and you can see the picture starting to take shape.  I added a few rows after this picture was taken.  A lady in my Yahoo! crochet group posted pictures recently of several picture afghan she has done using the afghan stitch, and they turned out beautifully.  I'm hoping this one turns out too!

I tried an experiment the other day.  it was an abysmal failure.  I was trying to hand dye white cotton thread to get a variegated great thread for my mountain bookmarks. I started with some white thread:

Added some green dye:

Let it sit over night as the directions called for:

And then rinsed it it the morning.  The results:

A beautiful sky blue.  There is no doubt that it is pretty, isn't variegated green, it's not even green.  Bummer!  I have a feeling that my thread wasn't exactly 100% cotton.  Since it was an experiment, I had grabbed some thread from my stash with no label, and I have no idea if it is 100% or not - it feels like cotton, sure didn't take the yellow dye.  I also got too much dye on it to be variegated.  Maybe next time (if there is one??) I'll do better.

The guest house is one more step to being done!  Actually two steps.  The cabinet guys came and put the doors on the cabinet and the granite guys came and put the top on it.  Now.....all we need is the sink (and the plumbing) and we will be done.  The original 'accident' was December 30.  We might just be done in under 3 months, what do you think?  I do like the new top!

The mountains east of us had some weather the other night.  We had, once again, beautiful blue skies, and the sunset lit up the thunderclouds over the mountain with a beautiful pink light.

This is the same shot as above with a 'filter' on the camera.  It comes a little closer to the true color of the sunset.

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