Sunday, March 31, 2013

A rainy Easter Day here - good thing we weren't planning on an Easter egg hunt today!  I don't think either of my kids was ever really 'in to' the whole Easter thing - with the exception of AJ wanting his basket to be full of chocolate candy.  Dad always wanted us to come up to Susanville for Easter, and he always wanted to go hide eggs for the kids to find (Easter in Susanville was always iffy - snow or no snow?).  We had to bribe the kids to go looking for the eggs so Dad wasn't disappointed.  For AJ, we put loose change in the plastic eggs and for Alli, it was jelly beans.  Luckily, Dad didn't feel the need to hide a lot of eggs - Alli was happy with a couple of eggs full of candy, and I always ran out of change for AJ.  I should dig up some old pictures of them - they were so cute back then!

Ralph got all of the garden boxes put together yesterday, and 1 - 1/2 lined.  The plan was to finish up today - we'll see if the weather cooperates. It should at least be a little cooler today for him working out there!  I found myself looking at seeds yesterday at the store - it is time to plan what I'm going to plant and where each will go.  I always get carried away with the planting stage.  I want some tomatoes, some green beans, some cucumbers, some zucchini for sure.  Then I thought about some eggplants, some peppers, and..... there are so many options! (and only so much room)

I finally made it to my nest goal on the afghan - I'm over 2/3rds done!  There are only 50 rows left to do (and the last 8 are all the background color - no color changes).  I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  My problem now - I'm already looking for my next project - I have to force myself to finish this one first!  There are so many cute things out there to make!  I would like to focus still on baby things - some more booties, a sweater, a rattle, etc.  Reminder to self - focus!!!

AJ had a few friends over last night - two that he went to school with at U-Prep that I hadn't seen since probably the 7th or 8th grade, along with Jeff.  Since the weather was so nice, they ate outside on the patio, which gave me a chance to eavesdrop a bit.  I love listening to the 'kids' and seeing how much they've grown up!  (And how much of a 'kid' they still are!)  Dallas was in for the week, but I didn't see much of him.  He showed up in Redding sick, and was pretty quiet when he was here.  It turns out he has mono - no wonder he was so quiet.  Poor baby!  I will miss having all of these guys around when they all grow up and go their separate ways.

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