Sunday, February 28, 2010

It turned out to be a beautiful weekend! Friday was so nasty, too! Alex was supposed to be snow camping from Friday night through today, but due to a storm blowing through on Friday, the whole trip was canceled. It was the annual Klondike - a weekend of competition for all the scouts in the area. They compete in things from building the highest snow tower to sled races (where the boys are the sled dogs) to rope bridge building. Usually lots of fun, and this year they even had snow for it! Unfortunately, they also had a snow storm with high winds. It is supposed to be rescheduled, but...we'll see!

Saturday turned out to be beautiful - clear skies and sunny, with a temp of around 60 or so. Perfect! Now, did I get busy and get a bunch or yard work done? NO! I did get some weeds pulled though - at least I did something!

I also finished up my grocery bag. I'm not too happy with the top - it pulls it too much, but...I followed the instructions the first time. Next time, I'll do it my way! It may even be better their way - the tighter top may hold 'stuff' in the bag better! I don't think it is a good bag for actual groceries, but it should be good for the Wal-mart trips and other small stuff!

I like how the color pattern worked out - definitely not planned! I started another bag last night - new pattern. The new pattern is made in three pieces - two panels, front/back, and one 'side and bottom' panel. The pattern calls for 'plarn' ("yarn" made from plastic grocery bags cut into strips and looped together) but making plarn is a whole different project, and I am using three strands of regular yarn instead. I figured it was one way to use up some of the extra yarn I have outside in the garage as well! My luck, I will run out of what I have and have to buy new anyway!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

It's been another typical busy week - and nothing really to show for it! AJ has been replaced as the Sr. Patrol Leader in Scouts, so now he is back in the rank and files - which is nice for him - he had been SPL for almost two years - a long time! Now, if he can just focus on his Eagle Project, and gt it done!

I have plans this year to climb Mt. Lassen again on Labor Day weekend (my 49th birthday!), so have been trying to set aside some time to actually start working out, so I fare a little better this time. I got the Wii Fit Plus for Christmas, and have started using it (again) to 'do something'. It is hard to find the time to do it though! I did some yoga last night to stretch out my back and neck muscles (very sore!) in between getting dinner ready. I did a 1-2 minute exercise, ran into the kitchen and stir/ flip or turn something, and ran back and do another exercise, then ran back into the kitchen. I probably got more exercise from the running back and forth! The yoga stretches do seem to help my neck and shoulder though - too much sitting at the desk staring at the computer! The Wii wants me to lose 10+ pounds, but I would be happy with loosing 5 pounds and keeping it off. AJ does the exercises with me, too! I actually can jog for 12 minutes - which adds up to 0.7 miles (I run on the treadmill.) I hope to increase this time, and increase the incline, so I am ready for the 20% grade at Lassen!

Monday, February 22, 2010

I finished a project yesterday that I have had the material for for a month! I picked up all the beads and wire right after Christmas, and then....didn't do it. I am so happy I got it done though. I wore it today with a brown dress (the blue shirt just doesn't do it justice!) and it looked really nice. This is crocheted with wire and beads.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Finished at last! It seems like this doily took forever, but...I guess it didn't. I did it in size 20 thread, and it is 14 inches across. I started it after I started my bag, and finished it long before the bag! The bag is in my take-along project bag - I work on it at lunch and other times when I get stuck somewhere, just sitting (Boy Scout meetings, etc.)

It is coming along, too! I will probably work on it some more this weekend - it is a good project for sitting and watching TV. I am getting a nice color pattern on it too - cool! You never know what you will get with variegated yarn. I put some produce in so you could see the progress - it is a little hard to see the height in the flat bag!

We had a huge rain storm last night - we got 1.68 inches of rain - most of it within one hour. We were watching Ralph's weather station, and it was raining at a rate of over 4 inches an hour at times. We even lost our satellite TV for a while because of the rain. Luckily, it wasn't during anything really important! I spent a good portion of yesterday, just sitting around (crocheting) and watching the Olympics. I haven't done that in a while! Alli took a long nap yesterday, so didn't go to sleep until after 11:00, so we both slept in this morning. Since I didn't do much yesterday, I have a ton of things to do today!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

I went to my first Ash Wednesday Services last night - I expected more people, thinking it would be more like Christmas and Easter - packed with those that just come on those days. Instead it was a very small, intimate service - very nice!

Before I left last night, I put dinner in the oven for Ralph to serve the kids. I stole the recipe from Mom (chicken with stuffing mix baked over the top). One of her neighbors had brought a similar casserole by her place after Dad died, and Allison loved it. It seems she liked Mom's version too! Ralph said she ate it like it was better than mashed potatoes, and we know how much she loves her mashed potatoes! I tried Mom's recipe for Chicken Pot Pie earlier in the week, but lacked the same success. Ralph loved it, but neither Alli nor AJ would touch it. Alli even went to bed hungry rather than eat it! (She didn't go to bed hungry, really! One reason she probably didn't eat it was because she had had too many snacks before dinner, and she was tired and cranky already, and fell asleep right after she got up from the table while watching TV.) Oh well, one more recipe to add to my 'keepers' at least!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Gosh - time to actually blog this morning! How did that happen? Wait, I know! That's what happens when Allison wakes up at 4:30! Silly girl! She is nice and chipper this morning. We'll see how long she stays that way. She will probably be a cranky bear this afternoon.

Here are a couple of pictures of the yard area I cleaned up this weekend, with the help of the boys. There wasn't much left after the freeze this winter. The day lilies are already coming back out, and the roses are beginning to start sprouting as well.

I took Alli shopping for new shoes this weekend. Her teacher called me Friday and said she had been tripping a lot (again) lately, and her ankle was rolling when she tripped. I had stopped putting the brace on her ankle, because she was tripping even more with it on than she was before. So....we went shopping. We got the cutest high top sneakers for her! It is hard to tell the color here, but the laces are black and pink - very cute! Hopefully, the higher top will help support her ankle better. Her old shoes were pretty worn out, so even new low top sneakers would have helped!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Alex took me for my very first drive yesterday - and we both survived, and no damage to anything! He drove me to Anderson to a Trustee's meeting at the church, and did a decent job of it. I think the instructor is right - he just needs the practice now to know when to start his braking, how fast to accelerate, how sharp to turn the corner, etc. Things that he will learn by doing! (My poor stress level!)

I sat down Friday night and found a pattern on-line for a grocery bag, picked up new yarn for it Saturday afternoon, and started it last night while watching the Olympics. I didn't need a new bag - I have plenty of bags now! Still, this one is coming together pretty quickly - I got the base done yesterday, and I didn't work that much on it. (Yes, I was watching the Olympics, but not until after dinner, and I had a headache, so didn't work too hard!) The pattern recommended using the cone of cotton yarn, so there were no knots in the mesh part of the bag, so that was a good excuse to go 'shopping' for yarn! (Like a needed an excuse!) I do like the colors in this cone, but next one will probably be made with my leftover yarn, and if there is a knot in the mesh, it will just have to have a knot in the mesh! (It's a grocery bag - who will notice but me!) Here is my progress to far:

I hopefully will be able to work on it again today - but not until late afternoon. I am getting a late start today, (I got to sleep in until 7:00!) and if the weather holds, I need to do some much needed yard work today. I got most of my list of indoor things done yesterday, but I still have a few things to do inside, just in case the rain moves in like they say it is supposed to.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

It's Saturday! Yippee! I even got to sleep in - sort of. I woke up at 5:00 - I was just able to roll over and go back to sleep for a little while :)

Yesterday we had two exciting developments. First - AJ did his first drive with the driving instructor! He went out for two hours yesterday, and is now able to drive with any adult. He is planning on driving me to my Trustee's meeting today in Anderson. The instructor said he did very well for a first drive. Looking at the comments she made on his paperwork, it looks like practice is the thing he needs most - accelerating, braking, corners, etc. Things you learn by doing, not book lessons.

Our second exciting thing - Ralph said Alli said "Some" when she ran out of snack! She was at the counter, and had finished her snack, even the crumbs, and pick up the bowl, tapped it on the counter, and said "some". Of course, she got 'some'! Since the 'S' sound isn't part of her normal babble, I am impressed!

Here are pictures of the bookmarks that I made - they turned out quite nice and delicate looking, I think!

Friday, February 12, 2010

What a week! I kept meaning to update the blog in the morning, but....never got the time! Of course, if I had gotten up earlier, I could have, but....I didn't. AJ didn't have school this whole week, so I just had to get Allison up and ready to go, and then only had to run her to daycare, not the jaunt across town to drop AJ off at school too! That means I got to sleep in a little bit - so I did!

I baked two batches of Valentine's Day cookies this week - one for Alli's classroom to decorate, and one for me to decorate and take to work. I also finished somewhere around 15 heart bookmarks - but haven't taken a single picture! I plan on doing that tonight, if nothing else. I didn't get as many finished as I wanted, but ...they'll do! I kept giving them away as soon as they were finished, so I didn't have a stockpile of 15 at the end of the day by any means. I also had plans to do more mailing of Valentine's Day cards, but, that didn't happen either. Just not enough time in my day, I think! Speaking of that, I hear Allison moving around, so I am off to go get her up and showered and dressed! The fun begins again.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

I've felt a bit 'off' lately - minimal blogging, minimal anything! I hope I can get back to 'normal' soon. Services for Dad were Saturday, and I spent the weekend with the family - every one! Ralph drove up with AJ, Alli and me, along with both dogs, Koori and Jasper. Add that to Ronna and Joe, Jeff, Kirby, Kody, Kolby and Jake, and Sarah and David already at Mom's with Chessie, Roxie and Einstein. Talk about a full house! If you add in Mom's cats, I think we were almost even animals to people! (since George (the cat) thinks of himself as human, people probably outnumbered the animals, but it was hard to tell!)

Services were good - solemn upstairs, lots of laughter downstairs afterwards. The slide show that Ronna put together with all the pictures was well received, and the chance to see Dad at all the different stages of his life was good. Baby pictures to pictures taken just a few months ago were on the show. Ronna spent a lot of time cleaning up some of the older pictures, and then gave me copies of them, too! Even AJ said it wasn't as sad as he thought it was going to be! Alli, while not a perfect angel during the services, was good. I thought I had brought 'quiet toys' for her to play with, but it was so quiet during the services that you could hear her playing with them. She only clapped once before Ralph and I each grabbed a hand even. Not too bad! It could have been so much worse! Ralph did take her out to the car from the reception before I was ready to leave, and she took a short nap while they were waiting for me.

Weather was a little iffy going over, according to the road reports, but it turned out to be a nice drive. We hit some weather around Bogard, but even that wasn't bad.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

The kids and I made it up to Susanville on Friday. here's what met me Saturday morning, when I got up:

Luckily, it stopped snowing soon after, and the trip back was dry.

I took the doll cupcake hat over to give to Rachelle, and she managed to get it on her head! Mom had said she thought she would be able to, but....I thought is was too small.

I also finally finished, while I was at Mom's, my doily. Done in size 30 thread, it is over 18 inches across. I didn't think I would ever get it done! It turned out very nice! I'm glad I did it in the smaller thread. It gives it a dainty look!