Saturday, May 31, 2008

Today is the LAST soccer game! (Even better, Thursday was the last practice!) I enjoy watching the games, and enjoy the time alone at his practices, but getting home from work 2 or 3 days a week after 7:00 is hard on my schedule! Already, Tuesdays are ugly for fixing dinner, since AJ needs to be back in town by 7:00, and I don't get off until 5:15 (with traffic, figure 20 minutes to get home and get back into town - I am home less than an hour to get everyone fed, change clothes, etc.) That is just not enough time! Having my Mondays and Thursdays back will help. I think everyone will eat a little healthier for a while!

I picked up my personalized license plates this week - My RAV now has plates that say "DJS RAV". Pretty cool! I got the 9/11 Memorial plates, so the are red/white/blue with "We will never forget" on the bottom as well. You know you lead a boring life with that is the highlight of your week!

Alli did well at horse therapy again this week - not quite as good as the first session, but she still rode for a half hour without complaining (much). I didn't make it to the session this time - I was at soccer practice. Maybe next week AJ and I can both stop by and watch!

Alli only has 4 more days of school! She is out on June 5th. AJ goes one more week after that - out on the 12th. I can't believe school is out already! Alli has 4 weeks of summer school, so still has a bit more time, but where did the year go this time? It just flew by. They still don't know where Alli will be next year, or who will be her teacher. I talked to her current teacher yesterday, and it sounds like the class won't be at their current location next year, though that can change, too. I just love this GREAT Partnership! At least when it was the County running it, they had their own classrooms they could use, instead of having to beg and borrow a new site every year.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Alli definitely wanted some one-on-one time this weekend - usually accomplished by falling asleep on me! Yesterday, I was prepared, and I had my doily close at hand, and watched TV as well while she napped. Since she very rarely lays down on me, it was pretty special - time consuming - but special. Today has become my "catch-up" day, since I was pretty much non-productive the rest of the weekend. Here is the doily I was working on - I finished it up last night. It turned out about 20 inches across.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

The sun is peaking though this morning, but we are still cold (56 degrees at 8:00) this morning. I hate to fire up the stove, since we have the swamp cooler turned on as well - I could very easily have both running! It isn't that cold in the house - it just feels cool after the last week of hot weather, and then the rain yesterday. I was able to cross one thing off on my to-do list - water the flower garden. I think that got covered! That was probably the only thing I got done on my list yesterday. I got several things done that weren't on my list, but it still felt like a pretty unproductive day.

Alli went down for a nap, and I planned on working outside while she napped, but....she fell asleep on my lap. There was no way I was going to wake her up just so I could do some chores, so I was forced to sit quietly and crochet for over an hour. Bummer! I just have a few more rounds on my latest doily, and it will be finished. This one has taken forever, it feels like. I haven't felt like crocheting at all this week (headaches at night - no concentration!)

I don't know what I will get done today on my lists - AJ is going in to town to work on an Eagle Project for one of the scouts from 10:00 to 1:00, so I will take him in to town, go to church (in Anderson - opposite direction) and go back and get him. That will kill a big chunk of time! I am being lazy this morning, too, and not getting much done around the house this morning. Alli let me sleep in until 6:00 this morning, but she is high maintenance today, so everything takes a bit longer to get done. I wish it were warmer, and I could throw her in the pool - that always seems to put her in a good mood!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Back to normal weather for Memorial Day - it is raining! I thought we might give the traditional storm a pass this year, as it was so warm so soon, but I guess not. That does change my plans a bit for the weekend - I was going to hit the yard today - weed the garden, etc., but I really don't want to play in the rain. I guess that means I will have to clean inside instead! (Bummer!)

AJ made it home safe and sound - and dry! When asked "How was the trip?" his response was "Okay." He then went on and told me all the funny stuff that happened during the trip. It sounded more than "Okay". He did say it was the most unorganized camping trip he has ever been on - which isn't surprising since he usually camps with the scouts, who plan their menus and determine what they will be doing during the campout in advance. He also camps with the family, and we are more relaxed than the scouts, but we (usually means my Mom) has all the menus planned out, etc., so the only confusion is just from having a bunch of people and dogs running around. The food on this campout left a lot to be desired, according to AJ (they fed him sandwiches for lunch - yuck!)

I got a call from Alli's teacher on Friday - she was very tired all day, and didn't even eat her lunch. I had sent a note in that Alli might be sore from riding for 30 minutes, but I didn't think she would be that tired! Becky said that not only was Alli not eating, she was actually taking her PEC's for her lunch off the notebook, and putting them off to the side on the table - an indication that she really didn't want to eat (which is also an indication that she "gets" PEC's and can work the system when she wants to!)

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Alli did great at her first therapy class! She was happy and smiling all the way through - and it was 30 minutes on the horse. The new therapist listened to us, and Ralph is volunteering as a side walker, so he can watch Alli as well, and tell the therapist what he is seeing, as well as answer questions. He made it home from Sac with about 10 minutes to spare, and turned around and went to therapy with us. I feel a lot better about this session! Alli came home and almost took another nap - that was hard work (not that they let her know she was really working!)

I put Alli on treadmill for the first time today, (we just got one a couple of weeks ago) and she walked for a little less than 10 minutes. She uses one at school, so she is familiar with them. She wasn't thrilled with it, but she did it. (Now, to put me on the treadmill for a while! Probably not going to happen today, either.) Today was Alli's trip to her Neurologist, so we left the house this morning at 6:00 for an appointment at 9:00, and saw the doctor at 9:45, turned around and came home. It was a good appointment - longer than our usual 5 minutes! We go back in another 6 months, oh boy! We had high winds up and down the valley today, and I am tired, and we still get to go to Alli's first therapy session today at 5:15. Ralph also made a trip to Sacramento today - for work - and doesn't think he will be back in time to take Alli out to the ranch, so I get to go. I am so excited! (I would rather Ralph take her and I stay home and take a nap!)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

So much for summer! We are back to our seasonal temps - lower 80's yesterday. and mid 70's today. What a change! We are expected to get hot again for the weekend though! Lots of wind the last couple of days, too, and more forecast for tomorrow.

AJ is off on the Freshman Trip. The class went over to Patrick's Point (on the coast, by Eureka) for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. They have some very cool weather - mid 50's in the day and mid 40's at night. This is a combination scientific/bonding/fun trip for them. I think it is more "fun" than science though!

Ralph, Alli and I are off to Sacramento tomorrow, too. Ralph has meetings in Sac, and Alli has an appointment with her Neurologist. Alli and I will leave here at 6:00 for a 9:00 appointment, and probably leave Sac at 9:30. Fun day! She also starts her horse therapy tomorrow afternoon. Ralph doesn't think he will be back in time, so I get to take her - yippee! (Horses are Ralph's bag, not mine, but...I will take her out there.) I don't know what time Ralph will leave, he hasn't said yet.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Summer is here! We were at 102 degrees when I got off work today. We also had 20 MPH winds - which is pretty windy for us. It is also Rodeo Week - which means I am wearing jeans and long sleeve shirts to work - wrong week for that! The picture above is Alli as Special Kids Day at the rodeo. They bus the kids in and let them ride the horses, feed them lunch, etc.
Alli starts Horse Therapy again next week. They put her in the true Hippotherapy (Alli and a Therapist and two other volunteers) this year. She didn't do well last year in regular horse therapy. She needs the one-on-one with a therapist. (Regular sessions are 3 or 4 kids in a session.) Unfortunately - that is the expensive therapy! Regular therapy is $20.00 a session, and Hippotherapy is $60.00 a session. The Regional Center is working with us to possibly cover part of the costs, but they will probably get everything figured out about the time the Spring sessions end.
We also invested in a treadmill for Alli - although AJ is the only one that has used it so far. A co-worker of Ralph's had a Nordic Trac treadmill (original cost $1,200) that we got for $400 - not a bad deal. Now, to actually put it to work! To be fair to Alli (and me!) we have been swimming a couple of times this week already, and most days this week, I didn't get home from work (to stay) until after 7:00. That really cuts into the exercise time. I did get the dogs out for a walk tonight after I got Alli to bed. Tonight was the fist night I didn't have something going on after work. With the heat - swimming sounds a lot better than the treadmill! AJ just finished running a mile on the treadmill, and is headed out to the pool as I type!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

I got the cutest Mother's Day present from Alli! I would never have thought to put this together, but it is so cute! I have little tiny marigold plants growing in it. I doubt I can keep them alive until they are big enough to transplant, but it is the thought that counts, right? I also finished up a little scissors case - most of it done while waiting at AJ's soccer game (which they lost big time!)

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Since Mom has already received her Mother's Day present, I can post a picture of it! I had it done in time to give it to her last weekend when she was here, but haven't had time to upload a picture of it! This one was about 24 " across, and if I had a larger blocking board, might have been even bigger, but 24" was as far as I could stretch it.

I also finished a special request from Mom doily. When Mom came down last week, she asked me if I had started it, and I could say with a straight face "yes" (I had really been working hard on her doily). I had started it the night before, and couldn't get past the second row of the center motifs, so gave up - but it was started! (not that the first row should really count as being started!) I finished it up last night - so it took me a week to make it! (Usually, I don't remember when I started it, so I don't know how long it takes me.)
I also need to get started on my snowflakes! I made one last night - and need a lot more before Christmas!

Sunday, May 04, 2008

What a difference an hour makes! I took Alli swimming, and AJ joined in, and then just a little bit later, it started thundering and then pouring! Alli had a great time swimming. The water had warmed up just enough that she was willing to get more than just one foot wet. I admit - I helped her get in the water! I gave her a push to get totally wet. Once she gets wet, she usually has no problem swimming - it is just that first step! AJ has no qualms about getting in to the cold water. He had gone for a bike ride just before I put Alli in the pool, so he was ready for something cold. He is so good with her in the water. He hauled her around for a while, and she really enjoyed being pulled through the water.
I got a few pictures of the flowers and the garden today as well - while the sun was shining. I took a picture of our peach tree too - look at all the peaches! We will have to pick a few of them now, or we will loose the tree - which isn't a bad thing either. We don't use the peaches, and they fall on the ground and spoil.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Alli had an impromptu birthday party today. Mom and Dad came down, and we had a BBQ lunch of hamburgers. I baked a cake this morning (Alli and I skipped her baseball game today) and we had cake and ice cream after lunch. Alli had a piece of cake and ice cream at the table, and then, came out on the patio with us, and decided to share mine too! I tried to distract her with the present Mom and Dad brought, but she wanted that ice cream! I had her open the present - with a little help - and she played with the lid for a bit. I really wish I had the video going on the camera instead of photos, as Alli lifted the lid a couple of times, and then tossed it my direction, as if to say - I'm done - give me the ice cream!

Spring is here! All the roses are blooming in the yard. I took pictures of the flowers in the sun this morning - I will get pictures of the others later today, when they are in the sun. Even my poor little azalea that I thought was dead is blooming. (It was amazing what happened when I cut the shrubs away from it!) I also took a walk out to the garden this morning, and my beans are up, and are a couple of inches high! I'll get a picture of them when the sun is a little higher as well!
I had another week of something going on every night again this week - the only night I got home right after work was Tuesday, and even then I was in a rush. The Scouts had a Court of Honor on Tuesday, with a pot luck at 6:30. Since I work until 5:15 (or later) on Tuesday, I had everything all measured out and lots of instructions for AJ to make Tamale Pie to take in to the dinner. (I got "volunteered" to bring a main dish - a dessert would have been so much easier!) Evidently, AJ wasn't doing it to Ralph's expectations - Ralph finished up the dish to take in. Ralph also went in with AJ for the Court of Honor - since I go to every meeting, I try to get him to go to the other "stuff". AJ was awarded his "Life Badge", so he is officially one (major) step away from Eagle Scout. He has a few more merit badges to get before he can go for the Eagle Scout, but...he still has some time. He needs to finish before he is 18, and he is 15 now.
I had Alli's IEP (Individual Education Plan) meeting this week. From some of the comments made, it sounds like the reason she lost her last teacher was because Merry couldn't control the classroom. The new teacher, Becky, has gotten Alli much more active, and is making her do things, which it seems wasn't happening before. It was what I thought would happen - if you leave Alli alone, and let her do what she wants (rock in her rocking chair), she is quiet and happy. If you make her do things she doesn't want to do (like work!) she is loud and uncooperative - at first. If you make her do things, she will figure out that screaming won't help, so will cooperate. But, if you let her get away with it, she learns that screaming works. By the time Becky came in in March, Alli was evidently used to getting away with doing nothing, and Becky had major problems to get her to work. Becky is more stubborn than Alli, it seems - Becky is winning! Alli is now happy to go out to the track at recess and walk around it. She takes her lunch out of the frig, unzips the lunch bag, puts her lunch in the microwave, turns it on (with assistance all the way, especially the buttons to push on the microwave) and they even have her getting the vacuum out and cleaning the floor after lunch, and putting the vacuum away! Can they come visit my house?