Monday, April 30, 2007

Okay, it wasn't really warm enough to swim yesterday, but it was warm enough to play! I didn't think Alli would get more than her toes in the water, so I didn't changer her out of her shorts. After she was soaked, I switched her to a swim suit - the only one I could find was an old one of mine - back from high school days! Scary - it seemed to fit just fine - a little big, but not as much as it should!

Sunday, April 29, 2007

BaseBall Pictures

Here are pictures from two different games. The blond is Marie, our daycare provider's daughter.
I finished another doily - this one I evidently can't read the chart on - the "circles" came out too small. I had to wet the doily and pin it out so I could stretch it into shape. Of course, the blocking board I have is too small for the doily, so I pinned most of it, and then ironed out the other points when the main doily dried. That explains the slightly lopsided look! The doily isn't that large - just about 13 inches, I just don't have a big blocking board, I usually just block my snowflakes, and it is plenty large enough for those. I do have my eye on a "doily stretcher" on sale at e-bay - vintage 1950's. We will see what it goes for in a few days. The last one I was watching went for about $27.00, plus about $15.00 shipping. I don't want to pay that much for something I (hopefully) use just once in a while.

Snowflake season has started! I officially made my first snowflake yesterday. Since I made over 80 last year, and ran out, I will need more this year - or cut someone out of my list. If I start now, and make a few at a time, I should be fine! This one is about 6 inches across - larger than most that I make. I only ironed it, not stiffened, so I could take a picture of it. It is easier to store without being stiffened. (I found that out last year!)

Friday, April 27, 2007

Ralph (and Alli) survived me gone overnight again. I think it is getting easier for Ralph - he didn't seem a stressed this time when I went to Pleasanton for training (for work) The only problem with Allison this time was at school, and she choked on her lunch and they had to perform the Heimlich on her - scary!

AJ is in 7th heaven right now. We got a Wii this week (new gaming system). He has been beating my socks off in tennis and baseball, but I held my own in bowling - I still lost, but not by much! The Wii uses the controller as a "wand" and you move the controller to make your character move. In tennis, you swing your hand like you have a racket in it, and for bowling, you pretend the wand is the ball - just don't turn it loose! There are all sorts of "reminders" built into the game to make sure you have the safety strap fastened, and I can see how it could slip right out of your hand and into the TV screen! For video systems, this one is pretty fun and interactive. I have to stand up to play even - you can't be a couch potato. It isn't "real" exercise, but it is better than sitting on the couch working your thumbs.

AJ is off tonight for a camping trip with the scouts. I probably won't see him after I drop him off at school today until Sunday. Ralph is taking him in to town to meet up with the scouts at 5:00, and they will go camping from there. Alli has a baseball game this weekend too - only two more left after this. Her season goes really fast! We took pictures at last week's game and they turned out very cute. The photographer managed to catch a smile on her! I love the digital cameras - we can see if we have a good picture of her right away, so we don't have to take 47 to make sure we have one good one.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

One more done! This one was very simple, so I played with the colors a little

The rain held off on Alli's game until we were taking the team photos, so we made it! I am now glad that we went - Alli is doing better each time we go. This time, she actually - I know, it's hard to believe - but she actually ran from one base to another. AJ batted with her the first inning, and she did pretty well with him. When she was on first, she wanted to come to me, since I was by the dugout and was close by, but once she got on second, she listened to him, and he did very well with her. (He tends to micro-manage her, which I don't blame him, but it will set her off too.)

AJ was great! When we got there, there was no one on the field we were supposed to be on (or the one I thought we were supposed to be on) so he took Alli to the play area and let her climb around while I went back to the car to get my phone and call Ralph and check the schedule to see what I forgot. We got there at 8:20, and the coach wants us there at 8:15, so I thought I just forgot where or when we were playing! (Typical for me!) He kept her happy and occupied, and before I made it back to the car, everyone else started coming in (I was right - they were just all late too!)

Once the kids starting getting there, the coach had them start playing catch. Rather than agitate Alli by "making" her play catch, I let her just wander around. AJ played catch with one of the older boys, and he did very well with him. He was pretty accurate with hitting Isiah's mitt, so Isiah could catch most of the balls. He also managed to catch most of the balls Isiah threw to him, too, which delighted Isiah. We usually play outfield close to Isiah, so we help watch him during the game too. Luckily, the opposing team did not have any "power hitters". Some teams have some boys that can really hit, and the adults and "helpers" have to make sure none of the kids get hit with a line drive. Talk about "taking one for the team"! Unfortunately, the other team did have about 15 players, so it took quite a while to go through the line up for batting. Ours went a lot faster, as we only had about 9 kids there. We also only had one wheelchair and Alli that don't "run" the bases (though she did once!). The other team had several that had limited physical abilities. One boy (I think he was the coach's son) got out of his wheelchair to bat (coach supporting him from behind) and used his crutches to run the bases. Usually, the coach pitches to the kids, so they had a substitute pitcher while he was helping, and the substitute tended to hit the coach with the ball. He got quite a few laughs from the kids clowning around.

I did order pictures for Alli. The photographer managed to get one of her with an actual smile, not her snarl that looks like a smile. To get it, I ended up kneeling beside Alli, holding the bottom of a bat, trying to keep Alli's hand on the bat, and the bat close to her face, trying to stay out of the picture, and AJ was trying to keep her attention on the camera and keep her smiling (he had candy!). We did it! It took a few pictures, and thank goodness for digital cameras. The photographer was able to tell when she had a good picture. We were all amazed! I had planned on ordering just one picture as a memento, but since the digital looked so good, I ended up ordering a package of pictures. I guess that is how you sell photos!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

It's the weekend! Alli has a baseball game today, and pictures after. It hasn't decided if it wants to rain today or not. I kind of hope it is raining, so I don't have to go to the game, but...I signed Alli up because it is good for her, and so I will take her! (I just hope it is raining in Shasta Lake City!) I just checked, and they are forecasting rain from 7:00 to 9:00, so I may luck out!

I have a kitten in my lap as I type too! Lucy has decided that my lap is the place to be. It makes hard to type, as she drapes herself across my wrist. Today is her first day to go outside. We have had her three weeks, and I planned on letting her out after two weeks, but we had company that weekend, and I didn't want her any more stressed than she was! I posted a couple of pictures AJ took of her. She looks pretty settled in to me! She is getting along with the other animals fine too. Jasper doesn't even phase her anymore, and and she and Henry share the bed pretty well. (They haven't figured out how to share my lap yet, so one waits for the other to leave and then hops up!) I've been doing quite a bit of crocheting lately (while watching the Giants), so there seems to be a lap available fairly often. Now if I could just figure out how to keep the cat hair out of my thread!

This has been a stressful week - I've been fighting headaches all week, and I am shorthanded at work. We have finally started getting busy, but not too bad, but yesterday was the monthly staff meeting, and my department was in charge of providing refreshments. "My Department" ends up being me! It isn't a big deal - just go to Costo and pick up goodies and then Friday morning, set up for the meeting, and then, after the meeting clean everything up. It isn't a big deal - unless you have to do it alone! On Friday, I had one other person working in my department, and she helped set up, but did only exactly what I told her to do - nothing more, and then after the meeting, she "had to get to work!" That left me to clean up. Bummer.

Monday, I am scheduled to only have one person in the department with me as well, and I have a 10:30 meeting and I have to leave work around 2:00 to go to Pleasanton for training. (Add to this, AJ has an orthodontist appointment at 2:45, I have to pick up a rental car, and I am driving car-pool next week. Stressed!) I have delegated - Ralph will take me to work (leaving my car at home) and take AJ to his appointment, if he can find Dr. Shoff's office, the rental place will come pick me up, and I will call the other carpool Mom and see if she can drive for me Monday and Tuesday. Destressed! (Not really, but not as stressed?) I still have to get everything set up for Ralph to handle the one day I am gone (pre-fix meals, make lists, draw up a timetable for Alli, etc.). Sometimes it isn't worth the hassle to be gone, even just overnight!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

I finished another doily! This one is called Whispering Leaves, and is about 18 inches across. It worked up very quickly! My next project is a sweater for me, and it will take me a while. I probably will work on other projects too, as I don't expect to get the sweater finished until next fall! (It is almost summer!)
What do you get when mix a sleep deprived Allison with a long day and lots of time waiting? Can you say "temper tantrum"? Alli had her scheduled EEG on Tuesday. This involved sleep deprivation - only 5 hours of sleep. Ralph kept her up until 11:00 pm, and then I woke her up at 4:00 am. We then left the house at 4:30 am to drive to Sacramento to Sutter Memorial for the EEG. I made Alli ride in the front seat with me so I could see when she started to nod off and wake her up again. Traffic was lighter in Sac than I expected (only a couple of "stop and goes" on I-5) so we got to the hospital at 7:30. We had to check in at 8:00, so we waited in the car until 7:50, and then waited in the lobby of the hospital until 8:05 to check in, and then waited until 8:40 until they came to get us for the EEG. Alli was getting a little agitated while waiting in the lobby. She threw one of her toys and (luckily) missed the other people in the lobby, and they found it amusing (they had been waiting long than us). Lucky me! The EEG actually went very well. The tech had to scrub each spot on Alli's head where she attached the electrodes - which didn't go over well, but she put up with it. Then the tech attached the electrodes, and Alli couldn't move around much - which she tolerated better than I thought she would. Then came the time to take the electrodes off! She once again did better than I thought she would, but she did not like having those things that they had glued and taped to her head (and hair!) pulled off. She fought having the glue scrubbed off, so we left with glue in her hair and on her face, and lovely orange markings everywhere (marking where the tech wanted to put the electrodes) on her head and face.

We finished up the EEG around 10:00, and then had to wait until 11:00 for Alli's appointment with Dr. Asaikar. We went back to the car, had some juice and a snack, and then drove across the street to Dr. A's. We got there a little before 11:00, and by 11:05, Alli was acting out. She went into screaming mode by 11:10. One of the other families in the waiting room asked if we had any windows left in our house. Luckily, they too were understanding. Around 11:20, the office staff put us into one of the little rooms. Alli was still acting out and screaming. By the time the doctor came - she was on overload (and so was I!). Poor Dr. A - he had never seen her like this. He tried cajoling her - which usually works for him - but not today. He tried taking her for a walk to calm her down, and she wouldn't go with him. he finally gave up and went to read the EEG (quickly!) He came back, said the EEG was clear - go home! He chased us down the hall to get us out so Alli would calm down, offering her snacks, water, anything! Poor man! He may never recover! She passed the EEG with flying colors - no evidence of any recent seizures! (Mom may not recover though!)

Sunday, April 15, 2007

A quiet morning! It doesn't happen very often, but it is now quiet at my house (just the TV on for Alli). My sister and her fiance took AJ out to Shasta Lake fishing today, so they are gone, and Ralph is out spraying Round-up on the weeds, and I am inside alone with Alli!

I finished the afghan for a co-worker's upcoming grandbaby. This pattern worked up very quickly, and the yarn is nice and soft and fluffy - just right for a baby! I have it all packed in a box and ready to give to Diane! The baby isn't due until August, so I am ahead of myself! I have another afghan to get started for a co-worker - again a baby due in August. This one they know is a boy, so I will be able to do the afghan in blue!

I finished a new doily too! Look at me go! This one is the first time I did a "ruffled" doily - and it was easier than I thought it would be - it was also a little ruffle! I also started a new project - just for me - a sweater. It may take me a while - I started the back yesterday, and I need 39 rows before I start shaping for the armholes, and I got 6 done yesterday. That leaves a lot more to do, and then the arms, and the front. Maybe I will have it done for next winter!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

We got the garden planted yesterday! If everything grows, I will be in so much trouble! I think we planted 8 tomato plants, 5 pepper plants, 4 hills of cucumbers, and two rows of beans. I have 2 cherry tomato plants, and one Better Boy, one Jubilee Yellow, and the some exotics and heirlooms. I have a Box Car Willy - just because that is the name of one of our cats, a Cherokee Purple, a Pineapple and a Roma tomato plant. I also have 2 green bell peppers, 2 Jalapeno peppers, and one red bell pepper plant. For cucumbers, I have one hill of burpless cucumbers, one hill of yellow banana cucumbers and 2 hills of lemon cucumbers. Wish me some luck, but not so much I am buried in veggies!

Monday, April 09, 2007

Wow! It's been too long since I posted - I have been way too busy! I spent Easter weekend up in Susanville - Here are some pictures of Alli - first with Barney the cat, and then "helping" my Dad read the paper. She actually wanted the couch to herself, and eventually pushed him out, a little at a time! She did sit with him for 10-15 minutes just staring at his paper - he didn't even turn the page because she was "reading" so well. It was a good visit - got to visit with three of my friends while I was there too!

I finished a couple of doilies lately too, and didn't get around to posting them! The second one (black background) is actually a mint green - it looks a little sickly green here.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

We have a new cat - her name is Lucy, and so far, she is a very nice kitty! Her owners are moving (15 day escrow!) and were not able to find a home for her in time. I worked with Jeremy, and told him if it came down to it, I would take her rather than have her go to Haven Humane. She likes to sit next to me - not in my lap - which is very nice, as I get tired of picking cat hair out of my thread when I am crocheting! She also jumped up on the bed last night to sleep with Ralph and I - unfortunately, Henry came in later to sleep with us, and he was not amused! (neither we Ralph and I with a hissing fight going on at 2:00 a.m.!) She seems to be a nice, low maintenance cat so far, but today is half-off day at the vet clinic, and all three cats and Jasper need their shots. It could be a busy morning!

AJ finished basketball season - finally. He didn't try out for baseball because of his knee, and now that his knee is feeling better, he wishes he had tried out! I don't think it is fully healed yet anyway, so I am glad he took one season off. He is growing up so fast! He is already taller than most of the kids - and he started shaving! Just he mustache, but he is shaving! (What happened? - I know I'm not any older than I was!)
Alli had her first baseball game yesterday. The only camera I had with me was the 35 mm, so I will have to wait for pictures to get developed to add any pictures of it. She is doing much better this year. She may even be enjoying it a little bit more - hard to say. AJ helped me with her, and actually that left me able to help some of the other kids. Each player needs a "buddie" and most of the buddies are the parents. One father is there with 4 of his (8!) kids and 3 of his grand kids play on the team. His kids ran out of parental buddies! This year, some of the Little League teams are there helping as buddies too. It is quite fun to watch the kids work together. The LL kids will "catch" the ball, but somehow manage to drop it so their buddie can pick it up and throw it in. One little guy ran to third when he hit the ball, and his LL buddie was running after him yelling at him that he was going the wrong way. It is just a lot of fun!